Sunday, 14th January 2018

Pret-A-Manger, Tottenham Court Road

Met Mara Nica at Cafe Metro, Archway, this morning at 08:30AM. We had coffee and breakfast while I showed her my portfolio book. We chat for a little while (as usual) to break the ice and get to know each other.

However, today was slightly special and more time was put into building a rapport, as what I had in mind for the shoot required Mara to be absolutely comfortable and relaxed. I had a visual in my head of a girl on an adventure aboard the iconic red London bus.

We did warm up to each other rather quickly, and afterwards, walked down to the bus stop to take the 390 Bus. However, I felt the connection wasn’t there yet so I suggested us to shoot for a bit along the roadside by the still unopened shops. This was when things started to flow and we slowly got into the rhythm of things. Walking towards the bus stop to wait for the bus, I suddenly had an urge to photograph her at the shelter. The scene of Mara sitting; the way her legs were crossed, the calm expression on her face and her navy coat and grey scarf fell together in a scene that I knew I needed to capture. I was so glad I did! We spent almost 30mins getting that ‘perfect shot’ before finally boarding the bus.

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