Thursday, 22nd October 2015

The shoot with Sonja Wohlmuth just an hour ago was magical.

Sonja is in her mid-20s, which probably lended to her understanding of ‘solemness’ as a concept really well. Solemness was the idea for our shoot, and my main inspiration was to ‘recreate the atmosphere of Germany in 1944’. What would this girl living in Hamburg do? How would she feel? And how will her experiences form her?

As a bonus, it was cloudy and grey today – absolutely perfect for what I have in mind. It was drizzling really lightly throughout the day as well. Or in my way of describing: more like walking through a cloud; small water droplets clung onto my glasses and on the fabric of my clothes and Sonja’s. The mood was magic.

Her understanding of sadness translated seamlessly into the photographs. The atmosphere of the location was perfect. At the end of the shoot, we took some pictures at a metal bridge on the Speicherstadt and went for something timeless. Sonja delivered it. Got an amazing last photograph. Very, very happy with the results!


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