Monday, 14th December 2015

This is extremely important. And as I am writing this, my hands are slightly trembling and my heart is beating fast in excitement.

I have discovered, clearly, what my vision is. Definitely, there is much to improve and continuously explore, but I have had a sudden precise realisation what I want in my work, and how I want it. Looking at the works of the greats; Horst, Ritts, Lindbergh, Newton, Avedon, Penn etc. they all have something in common between them; a common thread holding their work together that makes it irresistible and timeless. And that is, they have something to fucking say. Most of the fashion work known and commonly seen has nothing special – just fashion: the clothes, the hair and makeup, or a model standing lifelessly in a studio.

As Helmut Newton said, “The best fashion photographs are not fashion photographs.”

They look like an honest moment in time, a scene taken out of a movie, a documentary, a sculpture. It’s so fucking true. With that I am clear on what I want – that is to be ‘anti-fashion’ in my approach. Whether it is a $10 or $10,000 dress, the vision is the same. The focus is in the mood, the location, the story. Anything but a model just ‘wearing’ the fucking clothes.

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