Saturday, 5th March 2016

‘My 11 Loveliest Things – People Not Counted’

– From the book ‘The ABCs of Success’ by Bob Proctor

A little Scottish girl wrote this as a list: ‘My 11 Loveliest Things – People Not Counted’ some time ago. She understood the enjoyment of little things that happen everyday. Here is her original list below:

1. The scrunch of dry leaves as you walk through them
2. The feel of clean clothes
3. Water running into the bath
4. The cold of ice cream
5. Cool wind on a hot day
6. Climbing up and looking back
7. Honey in your mouth
8. Smell of a pie baking
9. Hot water bottle in bed
10. Babies smiling
11. Baby kittens

Here is my own list below:

1. Writing in this journal in a cafe
2. Coffee
3. Looking out of a moving vehicle
4. Open spaces
5. Music in my ears
6. Beautiful photographs
7. Inspirational books
8. Autumn leaves on the ground
9. The moment when an idea hits
10. Feeling that boost of motivation
11. Discovering new things

Making this list calmed my mind and relieved tension, and helped me be grateful for the little things in life.

It’s called living!

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