Friday, 18th October 2019

4:38PM, HEMA, coffee and cake

David doing.. colour?

“We love your black and white images, but do you do colour?” Fuck no. Obviously not. Where’s the fucking colour in my work? Do you see any colour?!

For the longest time, I’ve been fighting this ‘battle’. I love black and white, and I believe it shows my vision the most fittingly. However, I don’t dislike colour. I knew (back in 2017) that one day I will expand into colour; perhaps maybe for a significant brand or project. I expected that day to come in maybe 5 years or so. But, as of this moment, I feel ready to explore it.

From my admiration of cinematic tones and stills in films to the works of the great photographers out there – special mention to Vincent van der Wijngaard, as well as chancing upon the attic of Lilie’s place (that specific small and super rustic spot with the earthly tones), I feel ready to explore my work in colour.

However, VERY specific locations and ideas only – for now, and not colour for colour’s sake. Places I can think of are perhaps an old historic apartment, an abandoned ruins of a building, a log cabin in some awesome woods in Norway, a beautiful carriage of an old European train (like the Hogwarts Express) and maybe a stunning cathedral in Italy or something close. Think big, right?

It feels right! I don’t feel forced to do it because of pressure or the need to be more ‘accessible’. I do it because I am ready to, and I want to. I think I am reaching the ‘limit’ of what I can do with black and white at the moment; that these ideas are now overflowing in the ‘colour department’, and weirdly, I can visualise it.

Very curious and also nervous on this step – although no rush, but I will just let my intuition help me.

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