Tuesday, 11th October 2016


Met Maomi, a half-German and half-Japanese girl at an Asian textile & ornament gallery located in Tiong Bahru last Sunday. She was absolutely stunning. We met through the owner of the gallery for the purpose of a collaboration. (Sarah Moon’s work immediately came to mind when connecting the dots between the Japanese fabrics and Maomi’s look) We went to Drips Cafe nearby for coffee and had a wonderful hour of conversation.

We just met to visit the library at Bugis, where I showed her the Art & Photography section – introduced her to Alfred Stieglitz, Bill Brandt, André Kertész and Peter Lindbergh. Felt really inspired after! We will be meeting again at the gallery tomorrow for a fitting of the clothes and to confirm the shoot idea. Looking forward.

Saturday, 15th October 2016


How to best start this? The shoot with Maomi on Thursday, 13th October was just simply fantastic. Truly one the best shoot I’ve had in a long while. The final selection of photos made me realise that I have ‘hit’ a new ground in my work. I had such a great connection with Maomi. There is just something about her that draws me in. We had several good laughs during the shoot and the images we got were what I LIVE for. Shoots like this are extremely rare and I definitely fell in love with my subject. We had lunch and coffee at her home before she left for a casting. Hope to see her again before she leaves for Tokyo (home) on Wednesday.


I forgot to mention that the soundtrack from ‘The Last Samurai’ was played throughout the shoot with her. It was the most fitting opportunity to utilise this incredible soundtrack together with the Japanese fabrics and Maomi herself, who is half Japanese. It was the first time that music was not simply used as a background, but for a deeper meaning and purpose – that touches the mind and heart and gives an added layer to the experience. Words cannot describe the beauty of the moment, when the music score was combined with an inspiring subject/model. I felt that I discovered a part of myself that I never knew.

Tuesday, 18th October 2016

Met Maomi at Nicoll Highway station yesterday at 13:30PM for Thai food at Golden Mile. We shared green curry and another dish that I now cannot remember. We talked enthusiastically about so many topics, I can’t even recall – it just flowed! We went for a walk around the building and Maomi suggested that we go for coffee in the city.

Right now, I am just trying to get my thoughts straight; there is just something about her that I feel really inclined towards. Maybe it is her slow grace in her movements, or just her laugh. I can’t lay a finger on the exact thing. But all I know is that I find her disposition alluring. And I want to photograph her more.


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