Sunday, 7th October 2018

5:57PM, ‘t Goede Eet Cafe, Leeuwarden (with Feline Bouma)

Shooting with Feline. Smoke break. Feline’s entry in my journal:

Hey David,

Bedankt voor vandaag. Super leuke dag!
Terug naar het jaar 1940, koud en verdrietig. Maar van de foto’s word ik blij.
Je maakt hele mooie, pure foto’s! En je hebt een goede muziek smaak.
Je bent een super lieve jongen. Ik wens je alle geluk en liefde voor de toekomst.
Je gaat zeker heel verkomen!

Liefs, Feline

Monday, 8th October 2018

4:34PM, Badhuis Cafe, Javastraat, Amsterdam

Yesterday’s shoot with Feline was amazing. really happy with the results. Started the day by taking the train to Heerhugowaard station (an hour) then a bus to Leeuwarden where Feline lives. The trip took almost 2.5hours. It was a long journey but a nice first experience going on the long highway (the Afsluitdijk) across the body of water which took 30mins.

We met outside the train station and went for coffee first to warmup. Feline was really easy to talk to and I could feel that the shoot will be good already. She took us to a quiet ‘old-looking’ street at the back of the main streets and that was where we got most of the images. Very pleased with the coat I got from Zara, fitting for the ‘old period’ and WWII mood and feel that I really wanted to bring out for the shoot. Went to find a cafe after for the last shoot (a coffee one) and found this perfect cafe along a surprisingly quiet street.

In total, I got 3-4 great images, which is a good number considering the fact that the last time I did a shoot similar to this for myself was several months ago. Look forward to having more shoots like this!

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