Saturday, 4th May 2019

12:31PM, Cafe de Barones, Amsterdam

“Getting There”

A really random thought.. just saw the Instagram story of Michelle van Bijnen (I recently photographed her), where she was at a catwalk lesson organised by Micha Models to mentor the newer models. Together with her was none other than Maartje Verhoef!

It is quite ‘scary’ in the sense that it only occured to me now how close I am to what I always joke about with my friend back in 2013 – that one day I will meet and work with Dutch models Maartje Verhoef, Julia Berghshoeff or Saskia de Brauw. Back when I was starting out, they were – in a way – a goal or a major milestone; that ‘success’ was finally being able to work with them.

In Law of Attraction, what you think about constantly, EXPANDS. To see that just made me realise how everything led me to this point. Perhaps I’ve had it on my mind for the longest time, and therefore life has a funny way to bring me closer to it: being represented in Netherlands, working with Micha Models, shooting with Michelle.. getting there.

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