Friday, 7th February 2020

11:32PM at Home.

Met Beatrice @ Klarra at 4pm today – shoot for Klarra in Amsterdam.
Amsterdam on the 8th of March!

Been awhile since the last entry in my journal. On a side note, there is a virus originating from Wuhan going around in Singapore right now. The branding project for Arroz (a Filipino cuisine restaurant) that I am currently work on with Ivan is going steadily at the moment. Waiting for them to confirm the logo and direction tomorrow before we can proceed.

A recent highlight was that I contacted Bente @ Scoop Models about the idea of visiting Copenhagen again during my upcoming trip back to Europe to work with them ‘full-time’ in exchange for accommodation and expenses, to which she responded back positively – really happy about it! She suggested me to come in the month of May, and will cover my place, flight and food. I’m so happy about this and I really look forward to it. Bente looped me in an email with Natasha, a model of hers, who might have a room in Copenhagen. Now waiting impatiently for her response…

Today’s meeting with Beatrice @ Klarra, a local womenswear label, went really well. She’s keen and onto to the idea of doing a lookbook campaign shoot in Amsterdam when I arrive in March, and possibly also one in May (when I am in Copenhagen!). I hope this goes through smoothly as it would help me financially—and of course keep me busy while in Europe.


15th February 2020

Project with Klarra confirmed! The clothes are being shipped to my agency The Next Chapter in Amsterdam now.

Dates of the shoot to be the week of 9th March, 13/14/15? Elma to be the model.


Sunday, 8th March 2020

2:59PM at HEMA, Nieuwedijk, Amsterdam – near Dam Square.

Staying at Laila’s place from 8th to the 23rd of March. Bought a SIM card 6GB, €20.

It’s so weird – nothing has changed. Seems just like last week that I was here at HEMA (probably my favourite chill place in Amsterdam). Yesterday night at the airport: Ivan and my family sent me off, and only just previously in the afternoon, 12 of us (mostly made up of Fiona’s friends) were playing Werewolves at Chinatown. Really fun game!

Arrived this morning at Schiphol airport at 8AM. Took the train to Laila’s place at Javastraat in the east and reached at about 9:15AM. Happy to be able to stay here for the first 2 weeks from 8th March till 23rd March, then at Lina’s place from 23rd March till 1st of May. One of the first feelings of the whole thing so far is the quietness of the house. I do miss having my family around already.

Just learnt from Elma that the situation of the Coronavirus in Italy has worsened crazily (+1200 cases in one day). Told her to get the fuck out of there ASAP and come here before the borders close. I hope that things don’t get too out of hand here in the Netherlands, and that work won’t be too affected. Will just have to wait and see.


# Cut my trip short. Back to Singapore tomorrow, 17th of March @ 9PM flight due to the virus.





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