Saturday, 16th December 2017

Looking at my recent works here in London, I must say that I’m not very satisfied. I feel that I’m going in circles on the same thing, and the only way is to discover a pattern and a frequency that will give me the time and space to reach into my ‘reservoir’ of thoughts, inspirations and ideas.

I need to tap into this part of my mind, as right now, I feel that it is blocked in a way, and it isn’t utilised. The best way to describe this feeling is; imagining a door in a field, sandwiched between two grassy slopes with a rocky path leading up to it. Behind this door, is a beautiful pristine lake with mirror-like waters reflecting the skies (representing my ‘reservoir’ of ideas). I can catch a glimpse of it, but it is out of reach.

I need to find a way to unlock the door.


Wednesday, 27th December 2017

16:06PM, Metro Cafe

Bought ‘Art As Therapy’ from FOYLES bookstore.

Read the first few opening pages of the book and I already have an epiphany. The 7 Functions of Art. Standing there browsing, the book makes so much sense, and really makes me reflect on the photographs or paintings that come to mind in a new light. I hope that this book holds the answer to helping me understand my ‘purpose’ of what I’m doing, and improve in the areas that I want to see improvement.

The 7 Functions of Art

1. Remembering
2. Hope
3. Sorrow
4. Rebalancing
5. Self-understanding
6. Growth
7. Appreciation

Lately I find myself regularly in a mode of self reflection. I’ve been going to FOYLES a lot, and frankly, I feel the most at home there, lost in the sea of books. I think this period (the December holidays) is a rejuvenating opportunity for me, and a chance for me to add value through using my time to read and continuously learn things. I want to start the New Year with a renewed direction and focus.

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