Tuesday, 24th November 2015

Cafe de Barones

I have probably repeated this hundreds of times, but I can’t believe I am actually in Amsterdam. Walking along the street to this cafe, which is my favourite at the moment, I see the stunning sights of architecture, the seagulls flying around, the winter atmosphere; gloomy and chilly, yet comforting. I guess it is just very different locations compared to Singapore that makes me feel like I am in a dream, unable to take in the fact that I am here.

The awkwardly slanted buildings, with peculiar cartoonish-looking roofs, narrow streets nestled in between them. The ever-present scenes of cyclists riding around. What I notice though, is that they cycle in pairs if they are not alone. I find that heartwarming.

It is almost 4PM in November. I feel that this is the time where the streets look most alive in the weak, flat light of dusk, drenched after a light rain. People clothed in puffy jackets and furry collars, and the occasional Dutch woman with shiny blonde hair done up in a neat bun riding by – a moment that never fails to catch my attention. From the back view when she passes by, I always find that beautiful.

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