Thursday, 19th November 2015

St. Pancras International, on train waiting for departure to Dover Priory

I love these train rides. Window seat with a big table. The journey excites me – perhaps it is the unknown element of the sights?

Cafe, White Cliffs of Dover, starting point

Just finished walking and seeing the cliffs, it was incredible! Now back here in this cafe for lunch. Total time taken 11:15AM to 13:50PM. It was raining. Slipped and fell once. Drenched from the waist down.

I can officially check this off my to-see list! An incredible afternoon. Totally exhausted now. It was raining (lightly) throughout the whole journey from the cafe starting point to the lighthouse, about 45mins each way.

The skies where cloudy, grey and gloomy – the forecast did not lie. There was absolutely not a soul all the way to the lighthouse. Followed the puddle-filled paths all the way, across large empty fields and grazing horses. I had the whole cliff to myself. It felt so freeing.

The rain made the journey seem dreamy and unreal, like I was at the end of the world. The fog and rain drowned out the horizon and the sea view was just a patch of dull grey. It was just me, my camera and trusty umbrella. Every hill and slope of the cliff brings about a surprise of view.

Of course, I had to yell ‘FUCK YEAH!!’ at some point on the cliff.

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