Tuesday, 16th October 2018

1:21PM, Cafe Boulevard, Amsterdam

Inspiration! Suddenly have the idea to shoot at Utrecht Maaliebaan Station – came across it while exploring Utrecht a while ago… Going to Alkmaar today to explore!

3:12PM, in HEMA, Alkmaar

Took the train from Amsterdam Central Station to this city. Just felt like seeing a new place today. Haven’t seen the ‘main part’ of the city yet – saw this HEMA store with a cafe on the 2nd level while walking on the street, and of course I just had to come in! This cafe looks cosy with a nice view overlooking the street below. Hoping to make some photos in this city today.

7:25PM, on the train back to Amsterdam

Drew the street of Kooltuin on the next page.

Walked around Alkmaar and came upon this street that looked absolutely beautiful and especially ‘European’. The soft sunlight and glistening waters of the canal was mesmerising and the charming effect was immediate. Was really inspired to sit down by the canal and draw (for about 2 hours). I felt so relaxed and happy! Alkmaar is rather small but so beautiful. The elderly couple who lived on the street came out of their front door just a few meters from where I sat to see what I was drawing, and we spoke a little.

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