Tuesday, 10th September 2019

11:42AM, Brood Cafe, NDSM ferry, Amsterdam

8th September
Touched down at Schiphol Airport at 8AM, took the train to Utrecht to meet Joanna. I stayed one night at her place from 8-9 September as I could only move into my place at the Noord the next day. She is staying at the ‘residential’ side of the city in a nice little neighbourhood not far from the station by walking distance. It was super nice to reunite again after 3 months! Stout the dog was also super excited to see me again. We chilled for a bit before heading out to the city center for lunch at.. (guess) HEMA! (A departmental outlet with a cafeteria) Utrecht’s HEMA has a really nice one on the 1st floor – right opposite the room of Marloes’ which I used to stay at for 2 weeks.

It was a really nice lunch & coffee, and afterwards we took a walk to the canals for a bit. Felt really happy to be back in the Netherlands. Headed back home to pick Stout and went to the nice cosy ‘home-themed’ cafe near her place to do a bit of work. Went to get some groceries after, and I got a Kapsalon takeaway. Watched ‘About Time’ because Jo hasn’t seen it – still a nice film! Left the house the next day around 11:30AM to take the train back to Amsterdam to move into my place in the Noord.


9 September
Reached my place at Lange Vonder (Molenwijk area) in the Noord at about 1:15PM. Met Jane, the girl from New Zealand whom I’m taking over the room from and Andreas, the main tenant. Also, a new housemate Elma who turns out to be a model and looking to find an agency to represent her here in Amsterdam! We clicked off immediately and she explained that she lived in Taiwan for 4 years, that’s why she could speak Mandarin. How cool is that. Elma is 25 years old and from Lithuania.

We sat outside in the backyard (the best part of the house) by the water and spoke for almost an hour. We’re best friends already I think. We decided to head out for a late lunch at Bagels & Beans near the ferry terminal. Ordered a ham and cheese bagel, matcha latte and a cake.

Super cool talking about modelling and photography etc. She was rejected from the agency she applied to after our conversation in the backyard, but I encouraged her by introducing her to many more other agencies, as well as suggesting to do a shoot for her today in the afternoon. Found out that Elma likes pasta, so we decided to make carbonara for dinner.

Great to have met a roommate with a connection (really rare) as I feel it gives an added depth to the whole experience of being here, and having a friend on a solo journey makes a lot of difference too.

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