Friday, 12th October 2018

3:48PM, Park Lepelenburg, Utrecht

Sitting on this park bench, people watching, drawing

Haven’t felt this calm and relaxed in a while. This – sitting here and drawing the scene of the park – is what I needed! People about doing several things: 2 guys balancing on a tight rope tied across two trees, a few people lying on their backs enjoying the cool autumn day, a couple kissing, kids running around. Such a wonderful feeling.

Met Marloes for lunch just now at 1PM (her lunch break). Great to see her again and catch up! Had a Thai fortune cookie along with the coffee I ordered, and funny enough, the sentence on the paper reads ‘Getting together with old friends bring about new adventures’, how timely! Talked a bit about relationships (her favourite topic) and jobs etc. Going to walk around for a bit more photos now.

12:14AM, back home

An update: talked to his homeless man after I left the bench at the park in Utrecht.

His name was Henrik, a 56 year old man. He approached me asking for some spare change. I gave him 2 Euros. He thanked me and started telling me about the relationship between the elements of fire and water – referencing the global wars and how the world needs more ‘water’ to calm the tension (too much ‘fire’, he said). We spoke for about 15mins. It wasn’t what he was saying that kept me from leaving; but the look in his eyes and the passion that I could feel in his voice. He saw that I had a camera in hand and said:

“Make a photo of me by the water my friend.”

I led him closer to the water and took a portrait of him that I hope gives him the dignity that he deserves!

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